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Medical Records Review

An evaluation of your Hospital's records helps you to determine the strengths and weaknesses in your medical records and records systems.  We can help you to learn to use your records system to provide and maintain superior service for your clients and their beloved furry family members.

Strategic Planning

We can help you to define long term and short term goals and will help you to organize, plan for and meet the requirements to attain your goals in a timely manner.

Fee Structure creation and Management

Using data from your clinic and his own formula, Dr. Hunt will help you to develop a fee schedule that is appropriate for your clinic and is based on your hospitals vision, mission, and available resources.

On-site Assessment

A visit to your clinic or site and evaluation of your clinic workflow, culture, and staffing will identify strengths and weaknesses of your operation.

We use a combination of employee surveys and interviews, observation sessions, and client surveys to help you to fine tune your practice.

Protocol Assessment and Development

Dr. Hunt will draw on his many years as a leader in Veterinary Hospitals to assist you in the development of Hospital/clinic protocols that are in line with your mission and values.

From pain management and vaccination protocols to laboratory systems and reporting, we can help you develop protocols that fit your practice.

Leadership Development and Training

We offer email, and telephone, as well as on-site training and support to your staff to assist them in navigating difficult situations by developing, using and practicing emotional intelligence.