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Hunt Veterinary Consulting

The Six Steps to Your Successful Practice

Step 1

Establish need-

A detailed discussion outlining needs, wants, weakness and strengths as seen from the view of clinic leadership.

Step 2

Survey Staff needs-

A survey is sent to all staff (including leadership) and is confidential to all except Dr. Hunt and his staff, whereby the needs, wants, strengths and weaknesses are identified from the view of the staff. 

Step 3

Site visit-

Dr. Hunt and (if needed) staff, will visit your hospital and observe, interview staff, review protocols, financials, etc according to the information and needs revealed in the previous two steps.

This may be repeated until staff, leadership and Dr. Hunt are satisfied that the step is complete.

Step 4


Dr. Hunt and staff will create a unique set of recommendations in the format of a comprehensive report that is presented to hospital leadership in an open forum presentation and discussion.

Step 5


We will assist you in executing the recommendations, from aiding you in staffing solutions, to leadership training, resource allocation, financial and strategic planning, and workflow choreography, etc. until the job is done.   We are available for consultation 24 hours a day to assist you in the execution of your process.

Step 6


We will follow up with site visits to re-assess, or review the recommendations to be certain that processes are on track and remain the correct direction for the clinic.  Follow up visits can be as frequently as every month, or as seldom as one to two times per year.   The timing is up to you and are as unique as your clinic is.